MUST WATCH: Son Gives His Mom The Surprise Of Her Life!

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— August 18, 2014
How sweet...

Back in January 2012, Corey Wadden, an aspiring entrepreneur from Toronto, embarked on a two-year challenge to earn $1 million to set his mom up for retirement. While he can't call himself a millionaire yet, his selfless surprise for his mother leaves no doubt that he can definitely call himself a great son.

Wadden had been aware of his mother's dream car, an old Saab, since he was young. He felt driven to give her the car after she lost her job, and had been without a ride for about a year. On Monday, Wadden uploaded a video to YouTube showing the emotional moment his mother finally received the car of her dreams.

After tricking her into thinking she was being filmed for a documentary, Wadden surprised his mother with the Saab. Watch at the 1:17 mark, as Wadden's mother, who sees the car for the first time, crumbles to the floor laughing and crying at her son's beautiful gesture. "You're kidding me!" she exclaims, in disbelief.

The 25-year-old's mother had pointed out the specific make and model of the car -- a 1973 Saab 99 EMS -- last year. It took Wadden six months to track down the car, and another six months to receive it. His mother's reaction to the big surprise shows it was well worth the wait. Source



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