Father Who Left His Kid In The Hot Car Could Get The Death Penalty? + More Details!

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— July 3, 2014
So this "father" was sexting six different women (one being a teen) while his 22-month-old son was dying from the heat in the car. BUT that's not all! The couple had a $25,000 insurance policy out on their child. Here's all the details:
  • Justin Ross Harris is accused of leaving his 22-month-old son Cooper to die in a scorching hot SUV on June 18
  • Prosecutors said he spent that day exchanging nude photos with six different women, including teenagers
  • Judge Frank R. Cox denied Harris bond, calling it a 'possible death penalty case
  • Harris' wife told police the pair had been having intimacy issues
  • Investigators told the court that when Leanna Harris met her husband at the police station she asked: 'Did you say too much?'
  • The couple had a $25,000 life insurance policy on their son in 2012
  • A detective testifying at Thursday’s hearing said evidence showed Harris was leading a double life and should not be granted bond
  • Justin Harris had already admitted to researching child deaths online
  • On Thursday it emerged he had also done an internet search for 'how to survive in prison' before the toddler's death
  • After listening to evidence from both sides, the judge said he was denying bond and so Harris must remain in prison until his trial
  • Friends had previously described Harris and his wife as being the 'most proud parents there ever could have been'
After all these details have been released, do you feel Harris deserves the death penalty? Read the full story here.
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