"After 6 Years, I'm Finally Getting My Son Vaccinated."

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— March 27, 2014
Here is an interesting post where a mother who was once anti-vaccination finally decided to go forward with conquering her fear.

I had my son young and was heavily influenced by my mother who is VERY anti-vaccine (please don't bash my mother, I love her, funky conspiracy theories and all). She gave me much reading material on the possible side effects of vaccinations (namely autism) and it properly scared me. Why would I do this and risk harming my son when most of what he would be vaccinated against doesn't really exist in the area where I live? I was also told that a babies immune system wouldn't develop properly if he was vaccinated, that there are harmful chemicals in vaccinations that will effect his IQ and development, that he could get mercury poisoning. I was convinced that I was doing the right thing and that everyone else where...sheeple...

When I first came to this subreddit and saw how people like me were being discussed, I was horrified. I simply could not believe the hate that everyone was feeling for people that had made the same choices that I did. Was this how people really felt about my choice? Did my friends and peers actually think I was an idiot? Here I thought that I had been enlightened and that I was thinking above everyone else, that they had been duped into vaccinations...but was I wrong?

So I started reading between the hate and exasperation everyone was feeling to get some real REAL information. I've got to admit, the way most people here talked about those with unvaccinated children almost scared me away (and probably scares a lot of enlightened parents away...maybe everyone can work on how they express this particular opinion?) but I'm seriously glad I stuck around. I've made an appointment for my son to be completely caught up on his vaccinations and will vaccinate any future children I have. Source

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