Beautifully Honest Photo Of A Mother Breast Feeding Her Twins Goes Viral

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— March 26, 2014
Below is a single photo telling a story about a powerful woman with absolutely no shame in her game when it comes to showing off her post-pregnancy body for millions to see. Of course, when an Arizona mom named "Sky" posted an image of herself breastfeeding her newborn twins via Tumblr, she had no idea how big and viral things would get. With 100,000+ likes and 15,000+ shares on Facebook, the image has caused a bit of a stir both positive and negative. Here is what Sky had to say in response to a rude commenter who chimed in: “I don’t think anyone wanted to see this.” Sky responded:

Art isn’t always about whats aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes you need to show people reality. This is real shit. This is what life is after partying and being a wild thin teen and reading bullshit books about werewolves. It isn’t clear skin and skinny bodies and free time forever.

Its stretch marks, wrinkles, shitty baby diapers and laying in weird ass positions to keep your children happy because you love them more than your comfort or your smooth pert body. Its being overweight and having sex, wrinkly fat sweaty real shit adult parent long term relationship sex and then trying to slip in half an hour of sleep before your kid flips shit at 1am.

And its poetic and awesome. Fuck your skinny smooth boring ass ideal of what life should be that you ripped out of some dumb ass teen cosmo. My life is goddamn beautiful even if my belly is a wreck.

She added...

“I’ve been learning photography and I was inspired by that 4th trimester project but I wanted to show a less flattering, more stylistic intimate approach.”

Good for Sky!
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