Mother Turns Son's Grave Into A Sandbox So He Could Play With His Older Brother

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— March 17, 2014
A mother from Lake City placed a sandbox on her son's grave so his older brother could play with him when they visit the cemetery...

Ashley Hammac lost her son Ryan Michael Jolly last October. He lived just five days.

She buried Ryan at the Falling Creek Cemetery just outside Lake City. Thinking of her other son Tucker, she added a sandbox to Ryan's grave.

"Just so that Tucker could have a place to come out and still play with his brother, cause he was excited the whole time I was pregnant, about getting to be able to play with his brother and said he was going to share his trucks with him so when this happened we wanted a spot where he could be included too," Hammac said.

"I am your big brother, me," Tucker said as he leaned his head against his brother's grave.

"He likes it a lot when we come out here. Sometimes he asks to come out here without me even having to say "do you want to go?" He'll ask sometimes. It is like another park for him," Hammac said.

Hammac said the words "You are my angel, my darling, my star and my love will find you, whereever you are," are actually the words out of a book she used to read to Ryan. Source

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