Ever Wonder Why Moms Don't Shower?

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— November 30, 2013
mom in showerThought this story was funny and cute.

I’m a stay-at-home-mom. Yes, I work from home as well, but my primary duties are to my little monster boy. He’s 2-and-a-half. I have been known to go one, two, three even four days without showering. Yea, yea, gag, gross, whatever. But let me tell you the story of today and then see which you gag more at -- me not showering for days or the aftermath of one 15 minute shower.

Showering consists of bribing the kid to stay in the bathroom while I shower. “Here, eat a cupcake on the bathroom floor while mommy showers.” I know you’re jealous of my awesome parenting skills. I get in the shower. Kid wolfed down cupcake in 1 minute. Door opens, he’s on his way out.

Now the first time he ever ran out of the bathroom while I was in the shower, I jumped out and chased after him in my naked glory just as the UPS guy was delivering a package at my front door. We have a floor to ceiling, solid glass window next to the front door. We have a large brick porch that sits back from the street, so normal passerbys can’t see in. It’s a whole other ball game if your standing on the porch in front of the window. He gave me a wave through his shock and my horror.

But I digress.

The kid runs out, I stay in the shower. Four minutes later he runs back in naked. Sits on his little potty and does a little, tiny turd. I was pretty proud of the kid. He lifts up the little potty catcher and dumps the little, tiny turd into the big toilet and flushes. Freezing cold water for 30 seconds and the kid runs out again. All is silent in the house and I finish up the shower, rinse the conditioner out and as I’m turning the water off the kid runs in again. At that moment I prayed he scaled the bookshelf and got into every single piece of chocolate in his Easter basket and was currently carrying it.

But No.

That little, tiny turd he did? That was just the final act to a much larger, more liquid poop that was on the living room floor. The kid tried to clean it up himself. Props to him. However he used much of the clean laundry that was sitting on the coffee table to smear it around on the carpet. He did get a little distracted at some point and decided some of his hot wheels needed to go ‘Four Wheelin’ through it. Then the dogs needed to see what was going on, he felt the need to pet the doggies, while they sniffed and walked through the poop. At that point I think is when the kiddo decided to pick up the more solid pieces and walk them into the bathroom where I was just finishing up my shower. It was quite the inner debate on whether to go see what lies outside of that bathroom door first or clean him up.

I cleaned him up, then walked into Poopie Armageddon. How that much poop came out of one little butt is beyond me. There were poopie paw prints, shit covered hot wheels, once clean laundry plastered with crap, and of course my area rug had been given the biggest Cleavland Steamer ever.

Was that 15 minute shower worth it? Hell No. I think you can agree. Source

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