These 10 Foods Are Packed With Trans-Fat! Stay Away!

Posted By MommyPie under Misc
— November 26, 2013
Do yourself a favor and stay far away from these trans-fat packed foods! Quaker Instant OatmealStrawberries and cream, peaches and cream, bananas and cream -- it doesn't matter which flavor you choose. Every single option in this box contains partially hydrogenated oil. Coffee-mateWe know why you picked it -- each tablespoon has just 15 calories. But partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil is also the third item on the ingredient list. Skippy Peanut ButterThe label says this product contains hydrogenated vegetable oils to prevent separation -- but is stirring your PB before you spread it on really that big an inconvenience? Special KIn fact, the honey nut flavor is the only Special K cereal bar that doesn't contain partially hydrogenated oil.  
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