Guess What This Woman Made Her Wedding Dress Out Of!

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— July 29, 2013

You'll never guess what this woman made her wedding dress out of!

It sounds insane, but apparently Australia-based fashion designer Kirsty Mackenzie has created a wedding gown made entirely of materials found on a farm, taking the term "rustic chic" to a whole new level.

A rundown of what she used for the dress: • Heavy canvas (for the skirt) • Mosquito netting (for the sheer overlay) • Rope (for stitching on the bodice) • Rip stop from horse rugs (for ruching on the bodice) • A gold spray-painted speaker cover (as the base of the veil fascinator) • Bullet shells (to accent the fascinator) • Shearing combs, bolts, blades and wire (for the bouquet)

The plan is to show off her aptly named "Shot Gun Wedding Dress" in a Wearable Art contest held in Western Australia later this summer. I'll stay away from that bouquet toss, thank you very much.

Wonder what it looks like in person. Click the picture to get a closer look.

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