23-year-old High School Teacher Posts Pics Of Herself NUDE And Smoking WEED On Twitter! + Photos

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— February 6, 2013

Carly McKinneyNSFW (Not Safe For Work)!

Carly McKinney is a 23-year-old math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado. She's also a prolific user of Twitter. This is problematic, since McKinney's tweets includes nude photos of herself, as well as selfies in which she's smoking pot.

The Cherry Creek School District suspended Carly McKinney, which is not the tiniest bit surprising. While McKinney was simply following Nate Dogg's advice, tweeting about bringing drugs to school (when you're a teacher) is a really, really dumb thing to do.

Carly McKinney told 9NEWS that the @crunk_bear account was managed jointly (as it were) by her and a friend, and that she was unaware that the NSFW and weed pics were getting posted. As far as excuses go, it's a variation of "I was hacked".

Buzzfeed reported that the original @carly_bear account was set to private, but it looks like the account has since been deactivated. A new account, @carlycrunkbear (see above), has recycled the incriminating photos and is less than 24 hours old. The profile reads, "profile reads, "Hot. Wet. Stoned. #FreeCrunkBear". It surely wasn't created by McKinney herself.

However, a quick jaunt to Topsy shows us everything that had been deleted, including the NSFW photos.

Yes, we know that smoking marijuana is legal in Colorado, but it's definitely illegal to bring weed onto a school campus. Also, administrations tend to frown upon teachers teaching or grading papers while stoned.

That said, CarlyCrunkBear is not without a loyal fanbase. McKinney's students are rallying to her defense: turns out that conventionally-attractive, weed-smoking teachers are popular among 10th graders. Also, Carly McKinney is gaining support on Twitter, though that's unlikely to sway the Cherry Creek administration.


She probably should've chose a different profession.
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